Monday, March 13, 2006

what gumption ??

hey.. continuing from my last post ..

as regards the chase of South Africa ... i applaud the sheer guts of the team to even think of going for the target.

what must have been their team talk during the lunch interval ..??
what gumption ?? .. its something we all can learn from ..

no matter what the opposition, what the challenges ahead of us.. what the odds against us, it doesnt harm to try,it doesnt harm to go against conventional logic ..

as they say, "if u reach for the moon, u might fall down ... but u wont end up with a handful of mud either " ...

Basic Funda for the day " Keep tryin till u succeed... if u fail once, twice, thrice... keep trying ... if u fail more, remove all evidence that you tried " ;-)

til later

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