Sunday, January 28, 2007

About the guest writer

Mihir has already put up a post saying that he's on a sabbatical from blogging and that he'll have a proxy filling in for him. So I thought I'd tell the readers a little about me.
First of all, he did not go on all fours and plead, it was more like "you better fill in for me or else..."
Also, I'm not an eminent writer.
As for the pseudonym (Sentimental Fool), its to help protect his reputation as I'm sure his cool qoutient would dip if his esteemed readers knew he associated with me.

Anyway, my interests include art, photography, music, movies but my day job is unfortunately the complete opposite of my interests.
Will try and post regularly and please give your comments, suggestions, criticism; will use all the feedback to improve my future posts.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Salaam-e-Ishq: This love is a really long problem

Well, I saw Salaam-e-Ishq last night and here’s my take on it. Yes, this is one more to the list of many reviews out there but since I’m a guest writer on Mihir’s blog, I thought I’d start with a topic he loves: movies.

The positive: Production is good, everybody is well dressed and looks great and the sets too are well designed. I guess after having worked with Karan Johar, the extravagance would definitely show. But instead of Manish Malhotra, we have Vikram Phadnis doing the honours in this movie.

Though everyone has little acting to do (well they all are busy dancing in the looong songs), each one of them has played their part quite well. Casting is good and Govinda is thankfully back to acting instead of governing. Really liked Ayesha Takia and Akshaye Khanna.

The negative: Did the movie have an editor??? The movie is about 3 hours, 45 minutes long. Each song is too long; even if they’re good and help take the story forward (I’m not 100 % convinced about that though), they were more like bathroom/answer my cell phone breaks for many members of the audience.

The Sohail Khan-Isha Koppikar story serves no purpose and doesn’t even fit into the otherwise urban set up of the movie.

The background plot connecting the 6 stories together is not impressive. The individual stories may be good but when they come together, one does not get a great story where everything falls into place. After seeing movies like Love actually, Crash, Babel in which different stories are connected in a fantastic manner, I was not at all impressed.

Final Verdict: The movie is just too long and not justifiably. Towards the end, I just wanted the movie to get over, didn’t care if the story resolves well. It is not a must see unless you’re a die hard fan of the ensemble cast.

P.S: This movie has definitely taken placement advertising as far as possible and must’ve made a lot of money from Ira and TIMES NOW.

P.P.S: As racism is the current flavour (thanks to Celebrity Big Brother UK), I must add that the fact that all Raju taxiwalla wants is to fall in love with a white woman shows how many so called "browns" think that the "whites" are higher/better. I was not happy with this aspect of the story...

Posted by Sentimental Fool. Do give your suggestions, criticism, comments.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Hey, I’ve got some good news & some bad news.

The good news is that all you readers (if any) will be tortured no more by my rubbish posts. I am going on a sabbatical – 4 months long. Lucky you!!

But, my blog was so critically appreciated that I’ve got an eminent writer to write for me in my absence. ( This is just a good way of saying that I had to go down on all fours, beg n plead her to write for me)

Anyways, she’ll be writing under an acquired name, pseudonym, if you will & no one will know her true identity. ( She said it’ll negatively affect her reputation if known to be associated with this blog)

So, readers – keep coming back - because this person writes well & will write more frequently than I ever managed to. Adios.

Now the bad news. I’ll be back !!!

Schumi's last, a first for the girls.

There’s a reason why girls, historically & traditionally, are not known to be sports lovers.

A girl, or to be more precise in the given context, an Indian girl watching F1, golf, tennis is as misplaced as a mickey mouse tattoo on a 27 inch bicep !

Cricket (in India) & football are the only 2 sports that have broken the Female viewership barrier. (Football, mainly because of its drool value!!)

Ok, here goes.

The setting: Diwali night, 00:00 hours ISD, 4 girls, 5 guys, 1 room, 1 television set & Schumi’s last race – ever.

The race status: 15 laps to go. Alonso’s out in front, Schumi’s 7 th. Result’s a foregone conclusion. We are in it for the emotional value.

The conversation:

Guy 1 (Me): C’mon Schumi !!
Girl 1: Hey, Schumi means Schumacher, na ?
Guy 2: You got it !!
Girl 3: Which one is Schumi ?
Guy 1: Wait . . . . That one in red just turning round the bend … see ?
Girl 1: How many people are racing ?
Guy 1: 20 – 10 teams of 2 each.
Girl 1: wow !! you know so much . . .

Thankfully, she stays mum for the next half an hour, maybe sensing my irritation.

Girl 2: Hey, how do you know the number of laps remaining?
Guy 4: Einstein, it’s written on the screen at the bottom !
Girl 2: If it wasn’t written, then how would you know? All laps look the same. How can you say for sure that they are not showing the same lap over & over again ?!!

@#**^%%!!## Now why would anyone do such a thing? Why don’t they think before asking such questions. . . .

Schumi overtaking Nick Heidfeld stopped me from giving her some of my juiciest profane words.

All Guys: Yeah Schumi !!

Girl 3: He’s so mean. He pushed that other guy on the grass. Rude !!

Now, all of us guys started ignoring the comments & questions.

Girl 4: (suddenly) Hey, I want to see their faces.
Guy 1: hmm, ok. Let me call Bernie. He’ll do the necessary.
Girl 4: Who’s he ?
Guy 1 & 2: Never mind !!

The last few laps had the guys cheering & the girls . . well, on to another topic.

Schumi finished 5 th. Alonso & Renault won.

Girl 3: hey, who’s he standing on the podium?
Guy 1: he’s Kimi Raikonnen. He’s moving to Ferrari next season.
Girl 3: He’s so….. cute !!! When’s the next race?

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