Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fight Against Loneliness: A Quick Guide

* Hold your breath. Count to three. Release.

* Take on more work than you can handle. Talk about work as soon as you wake up.

* Try not to be alone. Be with people around you all day. Being alone will lead to mindfuck.

* Don't blink for longer than you have to.

* Watch television for three hours at a stretch.

* Don't listen to sad songs.

* Don't listen to romantic songs.

* Don't sing along with any songs.

* Keep your body close and tight. Keep your mind even closer.

* Laughing forcibly will hurt. Keep it to a smile.

* Let your smile stretch till your jaw hurts and you don't know what you're smiling about anymore.

* Eat a lot.

* Eat nothing at all.

* Rationalise, rationalise, rationalise.

* Never date again.

* Stop thinking about making out.

* Stop thinking about sex.

* Don't watch the rain.

* Don't watch the sea at the beach.

* Contemplate joining a gym.

* Contemplate joining a dance class

* Contemplate going home again.

* Avoid happy couples.

* Avoid happy people.

* Close your eyes. Count to three. Jump.

I'll be just fine. Eventually.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The time to be happy is now…n the place to be happy is here…

The time to be happy is now and the place to be happy is here..
N the way to be happy is to make someone happy
And to have a little heaven right here..
And to have a little heaven right here..

I used to hear this song on Repeat mode then. Those days I was always happy…and then…...

I grew up.

Its very difficult to get a rickshaw from Vile Parle-West station. Yesterday I just happened to get one soon. I was goin to Irla, when I saw an aunty waiting for a rickshaw. I asked her where she was headed, and since she wanted to get down after me, offered her to come along. She profusely thanked me, but directed the rickshaw in such a way that she got down first and I was left with a long detour of that area. She paid, obviously! But still, sometimes, making someone happy doesn’t ensure it makes you happy too.

But yes, making someone happy does make you happy more often than not.

In today’s times when some & most of us are grappling with so many things at a time. It’s a challenge to be happy, forget making some one else happy. Long distance relationships, tyrant bosses, heartbreaks, dealines, local train travel, May heat, an unfriendly metabolism rate, US recession, bad hair days, depletion of the ozone layer so on n so forth..not to forget uncooperative rickshaw-walas..

Some days ago, I opened the pantry door for the pantry boy who serves us Tea/Coffee everyday as his hands were laden with trays. He grinned, and I was happy.

Then one day I gave up my difficultly procured rickshaw to an elderly lady going in the opposite direction. She just touched my head and smiled. I was happy.

The other day, I called up my friend from the US, who was going through a difficult period (no guesses reqd: Love Life) and shared her woes for atleast an hour. She was relieved, so was my Vodafone postpaid. And I was happy.

Greatly these days I have begun to believe its more about making others happy. Happiness is a derivative, and its underlying is the people around us, some known to us, yet many others simply strangers.

One good deed a day, however small, however insignificant is all it takes for…………………………..



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